Esthetic Dentistry - Dental Veneers

 Dental Veneers 

Dental VeneersDental Veneers are thin pieces of tooth colored materials cemented to in the front surface of teeth to correct the problem of dental disorders such as
- graying tooth caused by medicine such as Tetracycline
- damaged tooth caused by various reasons such as decay, erosion, wearing down, or breaking.
- fill the gap between the teeth
- fix the shape of the teeth

Veneer allows beautiful color, sizing, and shape of the tooth. It is done by grinding the surface of the front side of the teeth for about 0.5 – 1 mm. Then the dentist will cover it with a specific material to permanently attach to the tooth. There are two types of material used:

1. Composite resin – used to coat the tooth at once, cheaper, but not as beautiful and durable when comparing with ceramic materials.
2. Ceramic – stronger, more beautiful and natural looking, as thin as 0.2 mm. and highly transparent , however it is also more expensive.
If the veneer is broken, it can be repaired. The durability of the dental veneer depends on the careful use of teeth. It is not suitable for people who tend to crush their teeth while sleeping or those who enjoy biting hard foods with their front teeth.