Root Canal Treatment

 Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Root Canal Treatment is needed when the pulp has inflammation or infection. It is the procedure to remove infection in order to preserve the tooth rather than having the tooth extracted. The tooth diagnosed as in need of root canal treatment, which are caused as follow ;

1. Decay and bacteria reach the pulp portion of tooth. When the decay spread towards the tooth cavity, it will cause inflammation and infection that reaches to the pulp and to the bone around the tooth which sometimes comes with swollen gums or pus around the tooth. This gives the patient toothache that is not similar to tooth sensitivity but rather occurs any time and repetitive.
2. Tooth crack or breaks that reaches to the pulp and the remaining tooth can be restored.

Root canal treatment has its advantages; it can keep the remaining tooth for further use. However, the cost of treatment is quite high, much higher compared to extraction. This is due to complicated process and its nature of getting rid of infectious elements in the tooth cavity and root canal which are usually deep inside the tooth.

Recommendations after root canal treatment

1. During the process of the treatment, avoid chewing on hard and tough food. Please choose softer foods and chew with the untreated side of teeth, because the tooth has its reduced natural content and brittle.
2. After the treatment, the patient may experience toothache for several days. Take painkiller to relieve the pain.
3. Teeth treated with root canal treatment method are usually brittle and fragile. This is the main reason why it is important to have a post and crown after the treatment so that the tooth structure is strong enough to support chewing force. Therefore, the patient should avoid hard and tough food, reduce the use of the treated teeth until the treatment with crowns or permanent filling is done.
4. Regularly clean the teeth by proper brushing and flossing.