Esthetic Dentistry – Teeth Whitening

 Teeth Whitening 

Teeth Whitening is the process of using bleaching materials to make teeth look whiter. The main component of material is carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Whiter teeth can help brighten your face, boost your confidence, and help you look younger. It is not recommended for patients with gum diseases, eroded tooth enamel, or decay. These oral problems may need to have corrected before teeth whitening. The result after the whitening cannot be precisely predicted. It depends on how stained the teeth were and what caused the discoloration

 There are two methods of teeth whitening:

1. Teeth whitening in-office is done at the clinic. The dentist will apply a high concentration of bleaching gel on the teeth, and then stimulate the bleaching reaction using light. The teeth will look brighter and whiter after the treatment.
2. Teeth whitening at home uses individual whitening trays. The dentist will use mold to cast a custom whitening trays for each customer. They can then bring the trays home with whitening gel which will be used during their sleep for about 6-8 hours for 1-2 weeks. The teeth will gradually look whiter and brighter. The custom whitening trays fit better than the instant ones.

 Instructions after teeth whitening

1.The patient may have sensitive teeth during the process. If you always have sensitive teeth, please notify the dentist before teeth whitening. The dentist will be able to adjust the concentration of the solution to avoid the risk of sensitive teeth. However, if you still experience sensitive teeth after the treatment, generic painkillers may be taken to relieve the teeth sensitivity. It usually disappears within 12-24 hours.
2.The patient should also avoid hot and cold, acidic food and drinks.
3. If you have teeth sensitivity during teeth whitening at home, reduce the tray wearing time or leave a greater period between each wear.
4.Gums and nearby tissues may be temporarily irritated.
5.Things to avoid at least in the first week after treatment include drinking dark colored drinks such as coffee and tea as well as smoking.