Mr. James

Absolutely the best dentist you’re going to find it Bangkok. Extremely professional staff and prices that are lower than many shops on the outskirts of Bangkok. Great for both Thais and farangs. Doctors all speak good English and instill you with great confidence that their recommendations are what you need, and only what you need. No unnecessary procedures here.


So I decided to follow the lead of a friend I trust and travel to Thailand for dental work. The main thing attracting me to the idea is how happy and impressed she is with the treatment and the results.

The experience didn't start out that way. Great dental work at very affordable cost was the goal of her trip and overall spend less than if she had the treatments in Australia. Let's just say the costs were going to be similar to back home. Then a local took it upon herself to help and through her a very cost effective professional service was found through a choice of a number of other dentists.

This Dentist also did the work on my teeth. I am extremely satisfied with my whole experience.

It is a humbling experience being treated with respect, care and consideration. All things discussed with courtesy and time. All procedures and costs itemised for your consideration. I had several different procedures and had dentists who specialise in those treatments for each one. I fell asleep during a double root canal and when I woke I jolted a little bit. The poor dentist thought he had hurt me and profusely apologised. I had to reassure him that he hadn't hurt me and he was ok. A double root canal, one extraction among other things and I didn't need one painkiller. There is no way I could afford to get my mouth sorted out in Australia. I am able to fly to Bangkok, stay in a motel for a week, go sightseeing, shopping, gawking at weird and wonderful sights, eating all types of different food(when the numbness goes away, don't want to dribble) and getting the dental work done. All for less than a portion of the work done in Australia. In Bangkok you can have a consultation, then get an itemised quote with a cost for every procedure. When you do the conversion to dollars you will find yourself doing it again because the saving is that much.
Thank you very much.